Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clyde Carson ft. Sean Kingston & The Game- In Da Club

Clyde Carson ft. Sean Kingston & The Game- In Da Club


I hope they push this single as much as they can then release Clyde's album.

Monday, July 28, 2008

(Album) Husalah & B-Luv- The Tonka Boyz

1. Husalah Intro: Ova The Phone From The Feds
2. Cuttin' It Up: Original Version
3. Husalah Freestyle
4. Being Down Is My Diesel Fuel: Ova The Phone From The Feds
5. Rims Is Olda Than Me
6. Sittin' Tonka
7. Husalah Interlude: Ova The Phone From The Feds
8. Terrorist In Da City (Feat. The Jacka)
9. That Go
10. You Ain't Us (Feat. Pretty Black, The Jacka & Yukmouth)
11. What Chu Know About
12. Yo' Momma: Remix (Feat. Dubee, Pretty Black & Dru Down)
13. High Up
14. Two-Door Mob
15. Husalah Interlude Freestyle: Ova The Phone From The Feds
16. Bitch Dat's B-Luv (Feat. PSD)
17. Laid Back Slap

I was looking forward to this one, but it turned out to be kinda weak. Out of the 17 tracks, 7 are under 3 minutes long. It sounds like there wasn't much effort in the lyrics. Some of the beats do knock though but I wouldn't waste my money on like 4 good songs. Track # 14 is the best...

Juice ft. Clyde Carson- All My Life

Juice ft. Clyde Carson- All My Life

I'm feelin this one. Haven't heard much from Juice, but he's cool based on this track.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

(Video) Guce- Hey Boppa/Champion

I think Guce is kinda weak...even though that Bullys Wit Fullys 3 is probably gonna go down as a SF classic.

Eddie K- Bananas

Gurp City is a collective of folks out of San Francisco consisting MC's, DJ's, artists and so on. MC's include Z-Man (One Block Radius/Hiero/Motel Crew), Conceit (2007 YouTube On The Rise Winner/Machette Vox), Luke Sick (Sacred Hoop/Brougham/Motel Crew), TopR (MC/Lords Crew *graffiti*), the legendary Bullet Proof Space Travelers (DJ Quest, DJ Cue, DJ Marz, and Eddie Def) and lastly and most relevant to this post, Eddie K.

Born in San Francisco, Eddie K started off as a B-Boy (he did backup for KMD when they came to town, and stole their beer...). He joined the Space Travelers as the lead MC for the DJ crew, and has gone on to release several projects throughout the years.

Eddie K- Bananas

"Bananas" is the first single off his upcoming album Future Spit, which is produced by Phillip Treezy, a young producer from Switzerland. It's a sick club track that has a slappin beat.

Friday, July 25, 2008

West Coast Shit 4

The Game released a video for his new single, "Dope Boys" ft. Travis Barker.

Glasses Malone has a new track out with Lil Wayne & Cam'ron called "Where It At"

Murs & 9th Wonder are releasing a FREE 10 track album titled "Sweet Lord".

PSD Accused Of Packing 6,000 Ecstacy Pills

He got caught at the airport. Read the article from sfgate.com HERE

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

(Video) The Jacka- All Over Me

The Jacka "All Over Me" Music Video from BrunoWats on Vimeo.

If it asks for a password: thestrong1
And if that doesn't work...try HERE

Even though I'm a big Jacka fan, I wasn't expecting too much for this video since its a club track...but it came out clean as fuck.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vic Da Baron ft. E-40 & Turf Talk- Adjust Da Bass

Vic Da Baron ft. E-40 & Turf Talk- Adjust Da Bass

Ran across this track on hiphopruckus.com. It's off Vic Da Baron's "History In The Making" project.

(Video) Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West- Put On

This is non Bay Area, but it's so sick I had to post it. The video for Jacka's "All Over Me" is coming tomorrow.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clyde Carson ft. The Game- Cali State Of Mind

Clyde Carson ft. The Game- Cali State Of Mind

A snippet of this song was released a while back, but now we have the full version of Clyde Carson's newest single. I was feeling "Doin That" a lot more, but fans of southern Cali's gangster rap and fans of The Game should like this one. I prefer the sound he had as part of The Team, but maybe I'm just getting old??

(Video) J. Stalin- Paint The Town

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ya Boy- They Know Me (Produced By Dr. Dre?)

Ya Boy- They Know Me

Doesn't really sound like a Dr. Dre beat to me. Ya Boy is official played out (to me) but I'll still check for his official album to see how it turns out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keak Da Sneak Arrested

According to Allhiphop.com, Keak Da Sneak was arrested on July 10th in Sacramento and charged with 4 felonies. He was booked on firearm charges and resisting arrest.

Read the entire story HERE

TREY-C ft. Ya Boy, Glasses Malone & Matt Blaque- Showboatin' Remix

TREY-C ft. Ya Boy, Glasses Malone & Matt Blaque

This one here slaps. Matt Blaque is hit or miss with his hooks, but this is a good one.
Check out TREY-C's site for more about him at http://www.trey-c.com/

Mistah F.A.B. ft. Bun B, Chamillionaire & Paul Wall- 2MPH

Mistah F.A.B. ft. Bun B, Chamillionaire & Paul Wall- 2 MPH

Pretty cool track.

Props to dubcnn for posting this.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

(Video) Kafani- Lean In It

When it comes to lyrical ability...The Pack is better than Kafani (except that one guy who doesn't even rhyme).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ozone Awards (Link To Vote)

The Bay Area artists up for awards are Mob Figaz, Dem Hoodstarz, The Pack, Keak Da Sneak, The Jacka, Mistah F.A.B., Keyshia Cole & Too Short.
To Vote, click HERE

New Keak Da Sneak Interview From Baller Status

Here's the intro to the interview...

"Yeeeeee! From Davey D, to the Living Legends crew to Hieroglyphics to Too Short, there is no doubt that San Francisco's Bay Area had long made substantial contributions to hip-hop. Set to leave the next big mark is hyphy head honcho, Keak Da Sneak.

He of the raspiest rap has just released his first record in four years on Koch and is ready to bring his wacky, faded subculture to the forefront of the mainstream. But that's not to say that the movement hasn't already made a splash -- his single "Super Hyphy" has had unbelievable success and led to Keak's appearance on MTV's strawberry flavoured "My Super Sweet Sixteen" as a guest performer for some brat's birthday. Then came the retardedly big E-40 track (and Lil Jon-produced) "Tell Me When to Go," which brought Keak's mug onto screens across the country.

Currently promoting his new album Deified, Ballerstatus chatted with Keak from New York, who explains how he hooked it up with Prodigy and Alchemist, and why hyphy will never die."

Check out the entire interview HERE


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

E-40 ft. Akon- Wake It Up

The new single......gonna be a hit.

New Releases For 7/8/08

Title: I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II
Artist: Killer Mike
Label: SMC Recordings
Location: ATL
Bay Area Features: Messy Marv

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Jacka On XXL Mag's Show And Prove

Check it out HERE

They don't really say much about him...just got a couple of songs. Still...check it out and leave a comment on there to support.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Killer Mike ft. Messy Marv & Chamillionaire- Big Money, Big Cars

Killer Mike ft. Messy Marv & Chamillionaire- Big Money, Big Cars

Not an impressive verse from Messy...but a cool song overall. The album that features this song is coming out on the Bay Area's SMC records.

Friday, July 4, 2008

West Coast Shit 3

I think this is Bishop Lamont's first single off his solo album. The song is hella sick, except for the hook...but the lyrics are real as fuck.
Bishop Lamont- Grow Up (Produced by Dr. Dre)

Here's a free download to a mixtape called Bay 2 LA put out by Young Hittaz.

1.Hoodrat Miguel Intro.mp3
2.Real Life.mp3 (Produced by Terrace Martin)
3.Mary Boppins.mp3 (Produced by Big Faahz)
4.Im Good Ft. Dash.mp3 (Produced by Marlon)
5.Glasses Malone Speaks (Hoo Bangin/Cash Money).mp3
6.Outta Town.mp3 (Produced by Big Faahz)
7.Stalker Ft. Roscoe Umali, Stress.mp3
8.We Leanin.mp3 (Produced by 808)
9.Cali Love.mp3 (Produced by Marlon)
10.Colby O'donis Speaks (Konvict Muzik).mp3
11.No Dont Stop Ft Dash.mp3 (Produced by TKNK)
12.Hustlas Life Ft Dash.mp3 (Produced by Big Faahz)
13.My Voice ft. Stress.mp3 (Produced by 808)
14.Devi Dev of 93.5 K-Day Speaks.mp3
15.Finer With Time.mp3
16.What Part Of The Game.mp3 (Produced by Cousin Fik)
17.Cali Connex .mp3
18.Hoodrat Miguel Outro.mp3

And to finish it off...here's a new music video from California legend Ice Cube for "Do Ya Thang".
Watch it HERE

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Releases For 7/01/08

Title: Killer
Artist: Tech N9ne
Label: Strange Music
Location: Kansas City
Bay Area Features: Mistah F.A.B.

Title: T.O.S.: Terminate On Sight
Artists: G-Unit
Label: G-Unit
Singles: Rider pt. 2 & I Like The Way She Do It
Location: NY
Allmusic.com rating: 3.5/5

Title: M.O.B.: The Album
Artists: Jim Jones & Byrd Gang
Label: Asylum
Location: NY
Allmusic.com rating: 3.5/5

Title: Screamin' 4 Vengeance
Artist: C-Murder
Label: Asylum
Location: New Orleans
Allmusic.com rating: 2.5/5

Best Bay Area Songs Of 2008?

There hasn't been very much to post lately... and I don't like going too long without a new post... so I wanna hear some opinions.

What are your Bay Area songs that came out in 2008. A few that come to mind for me are Yukmouth's "Star In The Sky", Jacka & Berner's "Keep It Street" and "SF Anthem" (don't remember if that came out this year or last).

What are some other good ones? Leave comments and I'll try to post some of them up.