Monday, March 31, 2008

Spice 1 Interview From Dubcnn (Part 1)

You may know that Spice 1 got shot a few months back. Spice 1 tells us what really happened.

"I guess it was some cat trying to break into my truck, and he didn't know I was sitting in there. He saw a big ass nigga coming at him and shot! *laughs* I don't blame him, shit I'm 6'1, I weigh 220 pounds, and dude was kinda small... I woulda shot too with a big ass nigga coming at me like that, but he was trying to break into my truck while I was sitting in it, and he got scared and shot and ran at the same time."

Check out part 1 of the interview HERE

Quiz ft. Mistah F.A.B.- Let's Go

Let's Go

Blu Division's Quiz teams up with Mistah F.A.B. for this street single. Overall, I think this one has a nice beat and Quiz sounds pretty good over it. Once again, this Fabby verse does not really impress me. I hope he comes better on his single with Rick Ross and Glasses Malone (which should be dropping any day now).

Cashis ft. Mistah F.A.B., Hot Rod & Dirty Blacc- Red Light (Remix)

Red Light (Remix)

I don't know about F.A.B. trying to spit some gangsta shit. I thought he came pretty weak on this... which kinda sucks since its on a song with artists affiliated with Shady/G-Unit.

Friday, March 28, 2008

(Video) DB'z- Hold Yo Stack Up

This one's produced by Droop-E. It's off "Sick With It Umbrella 2: The Machine" thats coming out in April. Prime Zero has been making some clean videos this year. They made the Nump video and the Jacka/Laroo video.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Jacka- Snowflake

The Jacka- Snowflake

Damn! Supposedly this one is from Tear Gas. When the song started I though ehh...but by the time the song finished...Damn. Crazy beat. I could be biased since Jacka is my favorite rapper though.

Gotta give props to cuz thats where I jacked the link from. That site is the business.

New Mistah F.A.B. Interview (Lots Of New Info)

Check out the Mistah F.A.B. interview from Dubcnn HERE.

New info includes...
- The announcement of an upcoming album with Glasses Malone
- New single called "Fat Boy" featuring Rick Ross & Glasses Malone
- Update on his situation with Atlantic Records
- Update on his situation with Royce Da 5'9
+ tons of other stuff

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Info On Keak Da Sneak's Upcoming Album, Deify

Keak's album is once again pushed back. The new release date is May 27th. I dunno about his new single either. A lot of people seem to be feelin it though...but I don't see it as something that can get huge.

Some of you may have seen a track list for this falbum somewhere online before. That one had 15 tracks..and really...didn't look all that great. However, I noticed that a new track list up on This one has 23 tracks and includes an Akon feature. Not too bad...


2.In Front of Yo Momma's House


4.Sneak Come Out At Night

5.Quarterbacking - (featuring Jacka)

6.That Go

7.That Don't Make Em

8.19 Dummy - (featuring Daz Dillinger)

9.I'm a Stunna - (featuring Lil' KeKe)

10.I Started This Hyphy Shit!

11.All the Way

12.Go Dumb Go Stupid

13.Hard Tops, Drops & T-Tops - (featuring Scoot/Paul Wall)

14.All I Know - (featuring Akon)


16.Oakland - (featuring Mr. Fab)

17.Her Name

18.Drop It One the One - (featuring Yaberation/Lil' Darrelle)

19.Grand Daddy Smoking

20.Get Hyphy (Super Duper Hyphy)

21.On Citas - (remix, featuring Chingo Bling/Paul Wall)

22.That Go - (remix, featuring Alchemist/Prodigy)

23.Super Hyphy

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Philthy Rich ft. Bullys Wit Fullys- We Aint Hyphy

We Aint Hyphy

According to threexkrzy from the siccness forum, this is supposed to be from Philthy Rich's upcoming album, "Sem City...Welcome To My Block"

Leftcoast415 Blog- Alive For 1 Year And Not Slowing Down

Just realized that it's been over a year since I started this blog. The first post on here was March 15, 2007. The site now gets over 7,000 visits a month. Gonna try to do it even bigger in year two.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sterlen Roberts ft. Mistah F.A.B. & San Quinn- An Lean (Remix)

Anyone know who Sterlen Roberts is?

An Lean (Remix)

(Video) Bored Stiff- Livin' Right

If you haven't heard of Bored Stiff...that's Equipto's group.

Stevie Joe ft. E-40- Ghetto Meatloaf

Ghetto Meatloaf

Never heard of Stevie Joe, but his album is also supposed to feature Kaz Kyzah, Messy Marv, Mistah F.A.B., The Jacka, Keak Da Sneak, and more.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Releases For 3/18/08

We have a few new Bay Area albums today.

Title: The Grinch
Artist: AP.9
Label: Mob Shop Ent.
Location: East Bay
Track List:
1. The Grinch
2. Block Rock (Feat. Young Gasz, Nasty Nate & Deltrice)
3. Escape The Pain (Feat. Shill Macc & Deltrice)
4. Back To The Hood (Feat. Tony Streetz & Nasty Nate)
5. I'm So... (Feat. Yukmouth & Shill Macc)
6. Crime Scene (Feat. Tony Streetz & Squeeze)
7. I'm Ah Gangsta (Feat. Shill Macc & Krypto)
8. Confused
9. Mob Rules (Feat. Husalah & Lil Cyco)
10. My Every Word (Feat. Shill Macc, Deltrice & Indecent)
11. The Come Up (Feat. C-Bo, Lil Cyco & Shill Macc)
12. Muscle Up (Feat. Nasty Nate, Tony Streetz & Deltrice)
13. The Gutta (Feat. Young Dru, Krypto & Shill Macc)
14. You Don't Want It (Feat. Nasty Nate, Shill Macc & Squeeze)
15. Streets Spokesman (Feat. Sky Balla & Nasty Nate)
16. On The Mob (Feat. Indecent, Krypto & Shill Macc)

Title: Redefinition
Artist: Errelevent
Label: Relevent Music
Location: San Francisco
Track List:
1. In The Eye Of The Beholder
2. You Know I Got It ft. Mr. Kee
3. Do The Do
4. Bring It Back ft. Ya Boy
5. Unaffordable Dream
6. In The Bay ft. San Quinn
7. My Way
8. Formula, The ft. Termanology
9. I Believe It (Remix) ft. Keak Da Sneak & Guce
10. I Can't Wait ft. Selau
11. Put It In The Air
12. Lean ft. Kaz Kyzah
13. Gone ft. Ivan
14. Sittin' Sippin'
15. Lady Temptation ft. with 10sion
16. Temparature Rise
17. Roll With The Punches

Also due out...
GorillaPits- Under World
Mac Dre- Thizz Or Die Vols. 3 & 4

As for the non Bay Area releases....

Title: Mail On Sunday
Artist: Flo Rida
Label: Atlantic/Poe Boy
Singles: Low, Elevator
Location: Guess, haha. rating: 2.5/5

Title: Silverback Gorilla
Artist: Sheek Louch
Label: Koch
Single: Good Love
Location: NY rating: 4/5

Title: Self-Made
Artist: Rocko
Label: Island
Single: Umma Do Me
Location: ATL

Title: Unfinished Business
Artist: Big Moe (R.I.P.)
Label: Koch

40 Glocc & Prodigy- Game For U (Prod. By Rick Rock)

Game For U

I've been hearing a lot of artists from outside the Bay on Rick Rock beats lately. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on a huge single at some point this year.

Freestyle 101: Del The Funky Homosapean

Del The Funky Homosapean freestyle

Del seems kinda weird.

Monday, March 17, 2008

(Video) Eddi Projex- Rocky

This is a low budget video...but its always nice to get some visuals to music.

New Sky Balla Interview

Check out the entire interview and three songs from dubcnn HERE

Some info on his album....

It's due out April 1st.
When asked about the features, Sky Balla Said:

"I got Cassidy on there, Slick Pulla, Young Jeezy's artist, I got the boy E-40 on there, San Quinn, Hell Rell, Mistah FAB, Turf Talk, my boy Bleu Davinci who's locked up right now, BMF. I got the girl Tanisha Kelly on there, she's signed to Warner Brothers, R&B/Pop artist. And I got my man Mike Marshall who sung "I Got 5 On It" on the Luniz album. Shit, that's about it!"

He says it's gonna be the hottest Bay Coast album to come out in years. That's a huge statement thats gonna be hard to back up.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Game ft. Ya Boy- Big Dreams (Remix)

I'm guessing that Ya Boy just pasted his verse to the song instead of it being an official remix...but who knows.

The Game ft. Ya Boy- Big Dreams (Remix)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Del The Funky Homosapean Interview

Check out the interview from by clicking HERE

I thought this was a great interview. Del talks about past and future projects, some person shit, the hyphy movement, and thizz.

Clyde Carson- BWS Trap Star

Got a couple of new Clyde Carson songs off the BWS Radio Part 3 mixtape.

Clyde Carson- BWS Trap Star

Clyde Carson- Get It On

The second one is real clue if thats the full song or not.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Releases For 3/11/08

One of the biggest underground rappers from the Bay came out with his first album in about 8 years today. I posted a link to my favorite song off the album so far in the track list.

Album: Eleventh Hour
Artist: Del The Funky Homosapean
Label: Definitive Jux
Location: Oakland
Track List:
1) Raw Sewage
2) Bubble Pop
3) Back In The Chamber
4) Slam Dunk
5) Situations
6) Naked Fonk
7) Hold Your Hand
8) Foot Down
9) I'll Tell You
10) Workin' It
11) Last Hurrah
12) Str8t Up And Down
13) I Got You
14) Funkyhomosapean

Non Bay Area Albums...

Album: Ego Trippin
Artist: Snoop Dogg
Label: Geffen
Location: Long Beach
Bay Area Features: Too Short, Mistah F.A.B., Rick Rock (beat) review: 3.5/5

Title: Trilla
Artist: Rick Ross
Label: Def Jam
Location: Florida review: 3/5

Title: The Elephant In The Room
Artist: Fat Joe
Label: Virgin
Location: NY review: 3.5/5

Okwerdz ft. Mistah F.A.B., Casual & Lush One- Handicap

I'm feelin this one.


Monday, March 10, 2008

(Video) Snoop Dogg ft. Mistah F.A.B. & Too Short- Life Of Da Party

Snoop Dogg- Staxxx In My Jeans (Produced By Rick Rock)

Nice beat, and Snoop sounds sick when he speeds up his flow. This one's from Snoop's new album dropping tomorrow.

Willie Joe ft. Keak Da Sneak- Get On It (Produced By Traxamillion)

Get On It

Willie Joe is a rapper from the Bay who made his name out in Atlanta. He's currently signed to ShoNuff/Capitol. His album, titled "The Come Up" is due out this summer.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tired Of Hearing The Same Songs On The Radio??

If you're a fan of underground, indie, and local hip hop, tune into "G.O.D. Hour Radio" Saturdays from 6-8pm. They also play the classics from artists such as Wu-Tang, Big L, Pharcyde, MF Doom, Souls of Mischief, etc. If you live in the East Bay or some other parts of the Bay Area, the station is 104.1 FM. Anyone else can listen to it on iTunes at

I have another free mixtape for you guys. This one is by Citizen & Livin' Poetry called "Live Hard, Die Free". You can download it HERE.

If you're a fan of this kind of hip hop, don't forget to get Del The Funky Homosapien's new album, "Eleventh Hour" this upcoming Tuesday. Living Legends also have a new album coming this April.

Friday, March 7, 2008

What Bay Area Artists Can Turn Heads (Part II)

This topic got more responses than any other topic I've posted, so I'll discuss some stuff you guys brought up.

"That was a pretty legit rundown. I agree with most of that, especially Jacka that guy is a beast. Quick question though, maybe I'm just a delusional fan of bay music, but how did "From the Hood" with Quinn, Jacka, and Trax not blow up as a song? I thought it had serious potential for mainstream acceptance."

I also thought this song had potential to do some things, especially the way the video turned out. The problem is that the radio didn't really get behind it enough out here. Also I think the video might have been "too hood for TV." I think half of quinn's verse was bleeped out.

i think pack has an B list cause they have too short, the whole skate thing worked for them on vans. they also got connections to Gym Class Heroes and those guys have had some hits and possibly help them out with they do a lot of touring so that should help them get exposure also."

Yeah, you're probably right about that one. I don't know how much being with Too Short will help since Short's last album went unnoticed (although he did just put it out to finish off his contract with Jive). But the touring will help for sure and I didn't know about the Gym Class Heroes connections. I think their last album didn't do so well because they put out a weak single.

"What about Yukmouth? He's a def A-Lister...I think he's the most creative writer out right now, and he's always been a solid spitter 2...He's got a new album out now, he's leaving Rap-A-Lot...I c great things 2 come 4 Yuk!"

I think Yuk is a big question mark right now. He has the talent, and if he puts himself in the right situation he does have a chance to do some things again. But how many artists who went from getting a gold plaque to selling less than 3k first week were able to recover their careers?

"And Equipto...That dude can rap!"

I'm a fan of equipto. However, for the most part, the only people who know who he is are Andre Nickatina fans, and Nickatina is an underground rapper.

Nickatina? Or do u think he's 2 underground?"

Nickatina just doesn't have mainstream appeal. Plus, many people believe that his best days are over. I don't know if he has the same passion for music anymore.

"Big Rich has the flow and style to be accepted all around the country. "

I enjoyed Big Rich's solo. I just don't know if he could make a single that could break him through to the mainstream. He's very capable of making street anthems though.

Also worth mentioning is J. Valentine from the R&B side of things. His video for "She's Worth The Trouble" premiered on BET the other day. You can vote for it on their site. And if he makes it big, I think he's gonna bring Bailey with him.

New Ya Boy Interview From Dubcnn

Ya Boy talks about a whole bunch of stuff and announces he's going to drop a single with E-40.
Check out the interview HERE

Keak Da Sneak ft. Messy Marv- Nothing Without You

Song for the ladies...

Keak ft. Messy- Nothing Without You

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What Bay Area Artists Can Turn Heads?

The truth is that E-40 is currently the only Bay Area rapper who is relevant to the national mainstream artists. Sure, some others are stars in their own region. But look at the Bay Area on globe and see how small it is compared to the rest of the country and to the world. After losing the momentum the Bay Area gained in 2006, the local scene seems to be reloading for another run towards getting recognized on a nation level. These are the artists I feel have the best chance.
**Inspired by a post on the message board

A-LIST: Has a good chance to make an impact on the national level.

The Jacka

Pros- In my opinion, he puts out the best music from the Bay. Can appeal to the streets and to mainstream audience without making a dance song. Smooth flow and usually chooses nice production. East Coast connections.
Cons- He's not gonna blow up with one really gotta listen to his albums to get into his music.

Clyde Carson
Pros- Complete package for the mainstream, he can make radio friendly songs without making them corny, appears to be a very good business man, can appeal to the streets and mainstream. Affiliated with BWS.
Cons- Has not yet put out a solo album so who knows how he is as a solo artist.

Ya Boy
Pros- Nice flow and great punchlines. Style isn't limited to the Bay. Affiliation with The Game gave him exposure.
Cons- Limited subject matter and unrealistic rhymes don't do it for me. The kids will still enjoy it but it got old real quick.

Messy Marv
Pros- Must have a great work ethic to put out as many projects as he has, can create hits for the streets, networks with artists in the south.
Cons- Can he stay out of jail? Will playing with his nose eventually bring him down as an artist?

Mistah F.A.B.
Pros- Has an image that can appeal to kids all over the country, can make some real songs, already has some exposure to the mainstream.
Cons- Simple rhymes, not respected as an artist by many, can sound corny at times.

B-List: Has a chance to make an impace on the national level.

Turf Talk
Pros- Affiliated with E-40. Has a unique style and can spit over all kinds of beats.
Cons- Has a unique style that may cause people to pass without giving him a chance.

The Frontline
Pros- Great lyrics over great E-A-Ski production. They talk about real issues and can still make great singles (ie. Bang It).
Cons- They don't seem to network with other artists very much. You don't hear much from them between album when it comes to features on other albums. People seem to forget about them.

Keak Da Sneak
Pros- He's had a good amount of exposure. Lots of play for "Superhyphy" and had a feature E-40's huge single, "Tell Me When To Go". He's also on Koch, which will help him reach a wider audience.
Cons- The big question is whether or not he still has what it takes to make a good album. His last official solo, Copium, was solid. However, most people haven't been too impressed with anything he has put out since.

San Quinn
Pros- Quinn can spit. He really goes off on some beats, you can feel the emotion.
Cons- After releasing tons of solo albums, he still hasn't been able to break into the national spotlight.

Pros- He has a style that could be accepted by East Coast fans. Probably has better connections to mixtape DJ's throughout the country than anyone else on this list. Has worked with artists from different regions (Papoose, Chamillionaire, etc.)
Cons- He doesn't really stand out from the countless other mixtape rappers.

C-List: Had a chance to make it, but it might be too late.

Pros- Rick Rock production.
Cons- It doesn't seem like major labels know what to do with them. They're not too good at making anything other than hyphy songs.

The Pack
Pros- They appeal to a younger crowd. Mainstream friendly. They've already had a national hit.
Cons- They haven't been able to duplicate the success of "Vans". They're pretty much limited to party songs. They don't really appeal to anyone who is older than a high schooler.

If you feel like I missed someone who should be on this list, let me know and tell me why.

Usher ft. Young Jeezy- Love In This Club

This isn't Bay related...but I predict this is going to be the #1 song in the country so I decided I might as well post it.

Love In This Club

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Releases For 3/4/08

No local releases this week and no high profile ones from anywhere in the country.

Title: Ruthless
Artist: Bizzy Bone
Location: Ohio

Title: Snuff Tapes
Artist: Brotha Lynch Hung
Location: Sacramento
I think this is more of a mixtape than an album.

Title: All Eyez On Us
Artists: Lil Flip & Young Noble
Label: Real Talk Ent.

Title: Thugz Nation
Artist: Layzie Bone
Label: Hi Power Entertainment
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Sunday, March 2, 2008

(VIDEO) Stunna [of The Pack]- I Be In Tha Hood

**Jacked the link from**

(VIDEO) Del The Funky Homosapean- Workin It

Album coming in just a couple weeks.