Thursday, March 29, 2007

R.I.P. Johnny Cash of Money Gang

Don't know much about him, but it's always sad to see a local artist go due to violence. article on the incident:

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Clyde Carson- 2 Step Video Shoot

This info comes from "510" from the forum:

"Capitol Records is shooting Clyde's video for 2Step next weekend April 8th & 9th. Bernard Gourley is the director ( e-40 "Tell Me When To Go", rich boy "Throw Some D's"). There's going to be a club location in san jose, another in downtown oakland and a third undisclosed spot. The club and downtown sceens are open for people to come through. The Game, 40, Keak, all the bay dj's and more will all be in house!!!!! Call Von @ KMEL to get info and passes to the two open sceens...."

I'm not a big fan of videos set in clubs, but for this song you gotta do it. It should be good for the mainstream.

J. Valentine- Behind The Scenes

J. Valentine speaking, plus footage of shows, comments from San Quinn and Bailey. "Conversation Piece" album coming this year through J Records. I'm not an R&B fan at all..but I gotta admit that he has put out some songs that slap.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Knumskull (of he luniz) to release a solo album on May 29th?

According to an blog, it says that he has an album called "Numworld" due out May 29th. I don't know how reliable any of this information is, but itt also says:

"Some of the features on the album are [B]Yukmouth[/B], Sean Paul and J-Bo of the Youngbloodz, Papa Reu, and The Jacka . The album is dropping under the independent label Ball or Fall Records."

Go here to read it all:

They also posted 2 tracks off the album.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Ya Boy Project + 2 New Ya Boy Songs

Ya Boy sent out a bulletin on myspace to introduce his new project:


I haven't heard many songs by Cyssero, so I don't really have an opinion on this collaboration. Ya Boy has two new songs with the duo up on his page, I'm only feeling the one called "Do My Thing." Listen to both songs here:

Friday, March 23, 2007

Traxamillion- From The Hood (trailer)

I think the full video drops in a couple of days. Looks like its gonna be something serious.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kafani ft. Keak Da Sneak "Fassst" VIDEO (alternative link that takes a while to load)

The video is short, but sweet.

Lil Flip ft. Yukmouth- Stay Ballin

Lil Flip ft. Yukmouth- Stay Ballin

This is off Lil Flip's new album, "I Need Mine" which drops March 27th.

Not the best Yukmouth verse we've ever heard, but overall, the song is decent.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Album Sales

I don't have access to Soundscan, but if you search hard enough, you can find a lot of shit on the internet. Everyone always wonders how much local albums sell. I have access to a top 200 indepedent sales chart that comes out every wednesday that should help those who are curious.

Da Bidness (Keak Da Sneak, Messy Marv, PSD) sold 1,043 copies last week to bring its total up to 7,392. Not too bad since 10,000 is pretty much like going gold based on how most albums sell out here....or maybe not, but I doubt anyone is disappointed with these numbers.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Mistah Fab Interview has a new interview up with Mistah Fab.

Here's a brief part of the interview.

" "Ghost Ride It" is the first single from your Atlantic Records debut, Da Yellow Bus Rydah, so how does that track reflect on the sound of the rest of the album?

Mistah FAB: I mean, don't go off that single feeling like my whole album is gonna be like that. The Atlantic album is gonna be crazy 'cause it's gonna be a nationwide album. I'm doing all type of different songs, like genres of music.But, that album ain't coming out till November. We pushed it back, but I have an independent album coming out in May called Da Baydestrian that's really gonna be all Bay sh--. Like, if you ain't from the Bay, you ain't gonna really feel it... you gonna like it if you open to change, but I'm really just doing it for my Bay cats to show them, "This for ya'll." The Atlantic album is just gonna be so well-rounded musically, like I'm trying to do my musical thing on that album and make a well-rounded album. This other one, I'm just gonna be Bay'd out, that's why it's called Da Baydestrian."

Check out the rest of the interview here...

New Bay Releases- 3/20/07

Messy Marv Presents: Fillmoe Nation, Vol. 1

Messy Marv is featured on only a couple of the 12 tracks, I haven't heard it because I don't think it's worth checking out.

Hieroglyphics- Overtime

1.You Never Knew - (Domino remix)
2.Masterminds - (with Del The Funky Homosapien, featuring Tajai)
3.Prose Officially - (with Pep Love/Jay-Biz)
4.Greed - (with A-Plus)
5.Phoney Phranchise - (Domino remix, with Del The Funky Homosapien)
6.Soundscience - (remix, with Souls Of Mischief)
7.It's About Time - (with Del The Funky Homosapien)
8.Scandle, The - (with Casual)
9.Battle Of The Shadow - (previously unreleased, with Del The Funky Homosapien, featuring A-Plus)
10.Fight Club - (remix, with Pep Love)
11.Unseen Hand - (with Souls Of Mischief)
12.If You Must - (Automator remix, with Del The Funky Homosapien)
14.Cyberpunks - (with Del The Funky Homosapien) gave it a 3/5 rating. Check out their review at

You can pick this up at for only $7.98 right now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Kaz Kyzah- Go Down

This is a hot track from Kaz Kyzah of The Team. It's off his new mixtape, "No Money Mo Problems" which is available on iTunes.

Check out for more news on west coast hip hop and more west coast audio.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Balance Song Featuring Papoose

Balance ft. Papoose- Yeah (produced by Midi Mafia)

This is a track of Balance's upcoming album, "The Day Kali Died" due out this summer. I found this interesting cuz there aren't many Bay Area collaborations with NY, but the Bay Area Mixtape King has a different style from most rappers out here.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Mistah Fab Song

Street single off "Da Baydestrian" (due out May 15th), an independant album thats a prequel to his major album, "Da Yellow Bus Rydah"

This is the edited version..

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Few Of The Newest Bay Area Videos

San Quinn- Hell Yeah

Clyde Carson- Hood Stomped Out

Mistah Fab- Ghost Ride It (watch it before its gone cuz the video is BANNED)

February 2007- Bay Area Hip Hop Month In Review

Not too much action this month. Capitol is starting to push Clyde Carson's "2 step", about 20 radio stations added it to rotation in the past 2 weeks. Video is supposed to be shot sometime soon. His street single, "Hood Stomped Out" got a video, you can find it on youtube. This is one of those videos thats not made for TV.

I found out that Mistah Fab's major album isn't coming out till August or something, but luckily he has a great deal where he is still able to release independant albums. He's going to have one out in Maycalled "The Baydestrian." Atlantic isn't pushing "Ghost Ride It" at all on the radio, maybe that's a song for buzz and not an official first single, or maybe they'll wait till later to push it since the album wont be out for so long.

Just like in January, there was only one Bay Area album I checked out, and that was the Messy Marv, PSD, Keak Da Sneak group album called "Da Bidness". It had a few slaps, but overall it was pretty average. It got 3.5 mics from the Source. Here are two of my favorite songs from it.


If She Know Me She Owe Me-

January 2007- Bay Area Hip Hop Month In Review

A good amount of activity in Bay Area hip hop this month, although no major albums dropped.

Clyde Carson release a hot new single with "2 step"
Keak Da Sneak has another local hit with "That Go"
San Quinn released a video for "Hell Yeah"
Mistah FAB released a video for "Ghost Ride It" (too bad its banned now)
Ya Boy made some noise with his mixtape "Chapter 1: The Rise." Even the bay area haters couldn't say anything bad about it.

Only new album I checked out this month was V-White's "Perfect Timing." I wasn't expecting much, but its not too bad. Here's a couple of tracks off it.

"This One Go" I hella like the beat for this one

"Oakland" ft. Too Short, E-A-Ski, Ant Banks, Eddie P

Bay Area Hip Hop 2006 in review/ 2007 preview

The Bay Area hip hop hasn't had the mainstreams attention for something like 10 years. This changed in 2006 when E-40 teamed up with Lil Jon and introduced "hyphy" to the world. By the start of summer, the Bay Area had a lot of buzz. Everyone was asking, "what is hyphy?" The buzz gave Bay Area artists attention from major hip hop publications as well as major labels. The buzz has pretty much died (for now) because no bay area artist has dropped and album on a major label (meaning no bay artist has been pushed in the mainstream) since E-40's release back in March 2006 (other than Too Short, but i'm excluding him because....because I feel like it!). There has however been a lot of quality material released independantly that almost none of you have heard. So....if you're open minded and dont wanna miss out on some good music, read on. If you're wanna hate without listening to this shit, you're ignorant and i feel sorry for your momma. If you wanna hate after giving this shit a chance, feel free to do so.

2006 Bay Area Year in Review

E-40 "My Ghetto Report Card": You pretty much know what's up with this album already. This album was huge for the bay, but dont think its the best we have to offer. Songs to check out: Yay Area, Tell Me When To Go, Muscle Cars, White Gurl.

The Team "World Premier": This album was going to be released through Universal, but the deal didn't work out for whatever reason, so the wold missed out on this sick album. The beats are sick, they just talk about their lives (which include a lot of drugs and females), they dont really sound like anything else out there. This is Clyde Carson's group, you may have heard about him since he fucks with Black Wall Street. Songs to check out: Bottles Up, Top Of The World, Just Go, Hyphy Juice, It's Getting Hot.

Dem Hoodstarz "Band Aid & Scoot": This is a hyphy-ish album. Some good party tracks on here, not really any replay value for me because there isn't much more than good party songs. Songs to check out: Diamonds, How We Do, Get Ya Grown Man On, Gwap

San Quinn "The Rock: Pressure Makes Diamonds": Quinn has been around for years. He's out of San Francisco, and as most rappers from the city, his style is universal (basically, non "hyphy"). This album doesn't have many tracks that'll make you say WOW, but this is a solid album (i only skip 2 songs). Songs to check out: Hell Yeah!, Look What I've Done For Them, Kick Yo' Ass, The Hunter.

Bailey "Champ Bailey": Bailey, part of the Done Deal family with San Quinn (above) and Big Rich (below), dropped his debut album this year. I didnt feel it as much as most people out here, but still, it was a solid release. Tracks to check out: U C IT, Fuck Yo Couch, If These Walls Could Talk.

Big Rich "Block Tested, Hood Approved": Big Rich surprised me, I wasn't expecting much from this fat dude. Although he's not a lyrical beast, the beats are sick, and the image he portrays is beleivable. This is an album that people from the East should like, he even has several east coast features. Tracks to check out: Thats The Business, Where I'm From, Lay It Down, Block Tested Hood Approved

Bullys Wit Fullys (Messy Marv and Guce) "The Infrastructure": I played the shit outta this album. This isn't any sugarcoated candy shop shit, its an album for the streets. Messy Marv is real sick, Guce is average. Tracks to check out: So Hood, Real Talk, Cracker Jacks, any fucking song off this album.

Other 2006 albums to check out..Balance "Young and Restless": Song to check out:Let the Bass Go
Equipto "Behind the Rhyme": Song to check out: Dangerous

There a lot more out there, but those are the local artists getting radio play out here (except equipto). 2007 is here, and this is what mainstream hip hop fans should expect to see come outta the Bay.

The Federation: With Rick Rock on the beats, the album should be nice. Their last album didn't sell...but you can put it on in a club and play it straight, the beats were that good.

Mistah Fab: I expect him to get a lot of hate after the mainstream gets hold of his first single because he dumbs down his lyrics so much for singles. His album i supposed to be a double cd, one for the party/hyphy tracks, one of the deep/real songs. F.A.B. is one of the best when it comes to freestyling, he'll go 10 minutes+ off the top of the head, using topics that the crowd throws at him. His album should get a good push since he has a deal with Atlantic.

Clyde Carson- He has a deal with Capitol, he is also affiliated with Black Wall Street. You might have heard him on Game's mixtapes, and his single "2 Step is getting radio play. He has a smooth flow that should appeal to most.

Ya Boy- He's built a nice buzz for himself. I dont really beleive the shit he says, but he's creative and sick with his mataphors. He dropped Rookie Of The Year in 2005 and that album was crazy. He's going to make a lot of new fans this year.

The Pack- Will they be one hit wonders with their "Vans" song, or will they have another hit? I dont know...

Keak Da Sneak- Most people won't give him a chance because of the way he sounds, but he's sick as fuck, or he used to be (not really feeling much of his more recent stuff).

Yukmouth- One of the Bay's best, gotta see if he still has it with his next album.

Other Names To Look Out For:Andre Nickatina, The Jacka, Messy Marv to tired from typing to think of more.

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